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In this line of work, you need a sense of humor, or the life gets sucked right out of you.
~Detective Maxie Michaels, ‘Texas Dead



TEXAS DEAD Book 1: A corpse on the beach leads Maxie and her team to uncover clues that drag in influential figures and unexpected threats. A reporter finds himself the target of attempts on his life, only he does not know who is trying to kill him or why. This award-winning story will keep you turning pages until the very end. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  FREE on Kindle Unlimited.  Click to read SAMPLE/BUY AMAZON KINDLE.   BUY PAPERBACK.   OTHER EBOOKS  | E-book $4.99  Print $14.99. 

ANGLE OF DEATH Book 2:  The sequel to TEXAS DEAD. A missing persons case quickly becomes a major mystery for Maxie and her team. And, a nasty figure from Book 1 emerges to show his true identity and the threat of city-wide death that goes with it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  FREE on Kindle Unlimited
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AMERICAN DEAD Book 3:  Maxie, Devin, Kobe, and Tyson relocate to Los Angeles where the terrorist Hassan has been spotted. Then things take a major turn for the worse, endangering Maxie’s life as well as a nuclear threat against the city. Can they stop this in time or will Maxie get killed at the hands of a dangerous villain? This book is the explosive series finale. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Click to read SAMPLE/BUY AMAZON KINDLE  |  BUY PAPERBACK | OTHER EBOOKS | E-book $4.99  Print $12.95

TEXAS DEAD TRILOGY Book 1, 2, and 3, combined into one bookNow, you can read the entire trilogy in one print or e-book. (Better value). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FREE on Kindle Unlimited BUY AMAZON KINDLE | Click to read SAMPLE/BUY PAPERBACK | OTHER EBOOKS  | E-book $5.99  Print $25.99

DISTANT RUMORS: 10 Short Stories From the bestselling author of ‘Texas Dead’ and ‘Angle of Death,’ 10 Masterful Short Stories that cover a wide spectrum of life, love, death, and more. This anthology includes drama, mystery, science fiction, dystopic, quirky, and more. If you love good short stories you will want to read this anthology. What Readers Have to Say:  “With his ability to transform the commonplace into the extraordinary, Gensburger delivers a sophisticated collection that will stay with the reader for a long time.” ~The Prairies Book Review. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FREE on Kindle Unlimited | Click to read SAMPLE/BUY AMAZON KINDLE  |  BUY PAPERBACK  | E-book $3.99  Print $13.99

HOMO IDIOTUS is a sarcastic, yet humorous look at the insanity of our society. Focusing on many elements of culture, style, and entertainment, Gensburger offers a twist as he recounts the stories that illustrate them. One chapter asks why a new car is used the second it drives off the lot, despite a few hundred prior test drives. Another examines the curse of tall men and how they are discriminated against.

“As if the world wasn’t crazy enough, now I get to actually laugh about it. Gensburger hits it on the head.” ~ Alexander Greene

This title is currently unavailable for purchase and will be updated in the near future.


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ABOUT ME: Hello, my name is William Gensburger and I’m the bestselling author of several books you might enjoy reading including the multi-award-winning novel, ‘TEXAS DEAD,’ and its two sequels. I am also the publisher of Books & Pieces Writing Magazine. You can learn more about me on this site, and browse my writings, videos, and more. If you have read my books, may I ask you to leave an honest review on the site from which it was obtained? I always enjoy hearing from my readers so please do let me know what you think or any questions you may have. You can reach me HERE. Thank you for reading.

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In this line of work you need a sense of humor or the life gets sucked right out of you.” ~Detective Maxie Michaels, ‘Texas Dead’


Review and Award from Trudi LoPreto, Readers’ Favorite

“Texas Dead has twists and turns that I will not spoil for you but I will only say it is a worthwhile read. Suspense, mystery, humor, romance, charming and lovable characters, and a very real plot. Gensburger has created a charming, sweet, and very likable detective along with her friends, bringing Corpus Christi, Texas alive. I highly recommend Texas Dead as your next reading experience.”

Review from B. Creech, The Online Book Club

Texas Dead by Willian Gensburger is an epic crime novel filled with suspense and murder and a tender, unexpected love story. Gensburger did an excellent job of developing the characters in this story…. What I liked most about this book was Maxie’s character. The violent aspect of the story was not overdone. Typically, I am offended by all three; however, the few situations present in this book did not bother me. I recommend this book to adult readers who enjoy a good crime novel with some romance thrown in.”

Review from Julio Carlos, Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews

Gensburger does give attention to each and every character in the novel. He takes his time with the mystery and showing off what is happening, and makes our waiting worth the while.”

Review from Dan Ashley, News Anchor, ABC-7, San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

“Looking for a great read? Check out William Gensburger‘s new book, “Texas Dead”.  It’s very clever and engaging.”

Review from Jill Hedgecock, Book Reviewer, The Diablo Gazette, Concord, CA.

“A fabulous page-turner. Fans of Marcia Miller’s ‘Sharon McCone’ series, and readers who enjoy Ray Bradbury’s style of writing, will most likely enjoy this book.” Read the review in the newspaper HERE

Review from Thomas Anderson, Editor-in-chief, Literary Titan

Not your average gritty murder mystery—plenty of humor injected into the story to make this hard-boiled mystery feel light and fun as well as deeply intriguing. I can not hold back from appreciating the author’s talent in conveying a traumatic experience like paralysis in a motivational…way. Vivid scenes and backdrops…really bring the story to life. “A variety of interesting characters…kept me curious and captivated the whole time. This is a thrilling crime fiction novel with brave-hearted characters, intelligent decisions, and shocking revelations.”

Review from bestselling author J.C. Ryan, author of the ‘Rex Dalton’ thriller series.

“Mystery & Crime lovers, I suggest you don’t miss this one. I got hooked within the first few pages. There are more twists and turns than in a corkscrew right to the end.”

Review from Alex Lewczuk, Siren Radio (U.K.)

“It’s so cinematic…crying out for that screenplay.”

Review: from Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Coupling a murder mystery tale with a fine dollop of humor makes Gensburger’s book ring! From the very beginning, as we meet the titular character of the series, detective Mackenzie Michaels, the light aspect of his writing is shared. The story is fast paced and well condensed by the author. In addition to the fine character portrayal of Mackenzie, her partner, Kobe Jameson, a Jamaican man, is equally well painted, and the interaction of the two detectives makes for an excellent combination in exploring murder – and making the story humorous. This is a fine initial volume for a series that holds great promise.”


“With his ability to  transform the commonplace into the extraordinary, Gensburger delivers a sophisticated collection that will stay with the reader for long.” ~The Prairies Book Review

“William’s short stories are spectacular. The writing is excellent and the stories move at just the right pace. The characters are weird and wonderful. It was a pleasure to read and I enjoyed this book very much.” ~ Allison Rose

“His characters have the offbeat charm like those of Neil Gaiman … I highly recommend this book!” ~ Christopher Huckabay 

“I felt this author is creative and very extraordinary and, in my view, as more people read his work his fans will grow. Very well done and I give this book five stars plus and highly recommend it!” ~ Bruce Miller 

“Engaging, happy, sad, interesting, wild . . . it made me want more!” ~ Jill Herredia

“A master of short stories!” ~Dusty Hitchcock

A high quality collection of stories from a talented writer. The stories are varied and
imaginative and compelling. Recommended.” ~ Paul V (NetGalley review)

“…has a deepness of soul touching in the stories. I tend to want to mull over each story before continuing on.It reminds me of T.S. Elliot.” ~ Catherine Baskett

“I’m blown away by the quality of your work. You bring me into the story and captivate me.” ~Danielle Calloway

“I really enjoyed this book! It was a fun read. I was drawn in from the start – snappy dialogue, a hint that all isn’t as it seems and, most importantly for me, I liked the characters. Fun, engaging, escapist – it made me smile, and want more!” ~T Hoop

“This was such a good read. This is great beach reading!”  ~Tanya Lu (Vine Voice)