DISTANT RUMORS by William Gensburger

16 excellent short stories, from William Gensburger that cover the many aspects of life and death, and will leave you wanting more. Scroll down for Book Trailer.

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What Readers Had to Say

Five Star Reviews ★★★★★


“With his ability to transform the commonplace into the extraordinary, Gensburger delivers a sophisticated collection that will stay with the reader for long.”
~The Prairies Book Review


“Engaging, happy, sad, interesting, wild . . . it made me want more!”
~ Jill Herredia

“A master of short stories!
~Dusty Hitchcock

A high quality collection of stories from a talented writer. The stories are varied and
imaginative and compelling. Recommended.” ~ Paul V (NetGalley review)

“His characters have the offbeat charm like those of Neil Gaiman … I highly recommend this book!”
~Christopher (Goodreads)

“I enjoyed reading, “Distant Rumors: 16 Stories of Life and Death” by William Gensburger who, in my opinion, has a unique ability of immediately capturing attention in an ordinary story, holding your attention, then twisting and turning the story in unique ways.”~Bruce Miller, TeamGolfWell

“…has a deepness of soul touching in the stories. I tend to want to mull over each story before continuing on.It reminds me of T.S. Elliot.” ~ Catherine Baskett

“William’s short stories are spectacular.  The writing is excellent and the stories move at just the right pace. The characters are weird and wonderful.  It wasa pleasure to read and I enjoyed this book very much.” ~ Allison Rose

“I’m blown away by the quality of your work. You bring me into the story and captivate me.” ~Danielle Calloway

“I really enjoyed this book! It was a fun read. I was drawn in from the start – snappy dialogue, a hint that all isn’t as it seems and, most importantly for me, I liked the characters. Fun, engaging, escapist – it made me smile, and want more!” ~T Hoop

“This was such a good read. This is great beach reading!”  ~Tanya Lu (Vine Voice)

“Still thinking about these characters. Great writing! ~Amazon verified customer



Stories includes in DISTANT RUMORS:

•The First and Final Thing: A man who is supposed to be dead must now come to grips with his new life.

•The Black and Yellow: One man’s personal war with an enemy he cannot control. [Read for FREE. Download HERE.]

•The Cat Lived: A marriage seen from the perspective of a dying cat.

•Ceremonial: In an age where males turning 50 must die for the betterment of society, one man struggles with a new choice.

•The Unfinished Man: Who cleans up after the superheroes? Fred Samson does, part of a clandestine group, unrewarded and unappreciated.

•Just a Little Death: A former pupil of a prestigious boarding school returns as the new housemaster, only to face a crisis from his past.

•On Deck: An odd look at a long distance relationship formed at a skate park.

•The Hollow Sky: Robert Yamato lives in Japanshu, an industrial, cubicle-based society where life is strictly controlled. The problem is that Robert has fallen in love.

•After the Leaves: In a post-apocalyptical world, one family must cling to hope in order to survive.

•The People Apples: It is rumored that if you are buried in this cemetery, that your soul gets absorbed into the giant apple tree in the center.

•A Limited Point of View: In the future you are only as valued as your position within the company you work for. Where you live, your friends, your income, are all tied to your office level in the building. And that is based on a system of ascension. Grandy is close to the top, but a few obstacles remain in his path.

•A Different Kind of Peace: A young woman is torn between her loyalty to her father and a life she could have had.

•All Things Are Fine: Hadley Verona hates his life and all that befalls it. Can he face the truth?

•One Moment in the Sun: Three college friends ponder their lives along the Venice Boardwalk, as Arnold Schwarzenegger cements his career. Over the span of a life, many things change. These are our moments in the sun.

•The I, Isozooid: Stuck in a philosophical loop about existence, he must come to terms with his life in order to solve a bigger problem.

•Fire on a Different Mountain: A young couple in New Mexico must face their tragedy with a difficult decision.

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