It’s Impossible….

It’s impossible. Every day I receive a seemingly endless supply of special offers directed at me promising me riches, inheritances, special business proposals, and more. Some of these are more personal, addressed to “my dearest” with sad tales of death and demise wrapped up in their special handling of estates worth many millions of dollars, all for the taking, if only I were interested. 

Am I interested inheriting a few million dollars from some prints of some strange country who has died and miraculously left me in his well? Am I interested in helping a poor widow from some Arab nation trying to escape oppression by transferring her funds, withholding my commission and forwarding on the rest? More importantly, am I interested in being the biggest sucker on this side of the planet?

It’s impossible to stop this stuff. I mark it as spam but it continues to arrive in all its multitude of forms. And it isn’t creativity, and it is an even earnest sounding. And despite the way it’s worded, a glance at the recipient address of the email shows that it’s a generic, mass mailed email, throwing a very wide net and hoping to net a fish or two here and there.

You cannot respond to these things. Any kind of response merely validates your email as open to receiving more of this crap. And yet when you stand back and study the volume, and flavor of all of these things, you realize that somewhere, some poor fool, is spending an inordinate amount of time developing this stuff.

Here are just a handful of the many emails I have received this month. I imagine some poor, scrawny Nigerian, living in a hut, with only a sawed log as a table, and a cheap laptop, feverously typing these emails, hoping against hope that some moron on the receiving end might reply. 

Yes, you too may already be a winner. But chances are that you are, instead, just a loser.

You decide.