William Gensburger is the author of several books, articles in various magazines and newspapers, as well as the publisher of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine. He also writes spec screenplays.


William’s latest novel, TEXAS DEAD, available June 1,2021, the first book in a series that follows Detectives Maxie Michaels, a savvy, stylish force of nature, and her partner Kobe Jameson, as they unravel the mystery behind the many murders plaguing Corpus Christi. With time running out, they must face their enemy before an all out war erupts.

A fast-paced, exciting book….” ~ Mollien F Osterman

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William also published DISTANT RUMORS: 16 stories of life and death, an anthology of themed stories that cover all aspects of life. These include physical death, birth, death of a marriage, death sentence, and more, each with a unique twist to create an interesting story. These stories have received many five-star reviews, and continues to receive more.

William’s short stories are spectacular” ~ Allison Rose

“This was such a good read.” ~ Tanya Lu (Vine Voice)

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HOMO IDIOTUS, a book of editorials focusing on the insanity of life. These observations include some of the sillier aspects of society, including our national obsession with reality shows, crime shows, the quest for discrimination elimination, and more. Many of the articles have appeared in community newspapers across the country. Read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
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William enjoys assisting other writers, and offers tips and tricks on his BLOG page, where he is happy to communicate with readers.

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