Writing is like giving birth….

Anyone who tells you that writing a novel is not akin to pregnancy, is lying! Aside from the food cravings after an intense 2000 word session, the back pains, exhaustion, mood swings, there are many similarities. Now, ladies, do not get mad at me. I know, I am a man and know nothing of what you go through. I’ve watched my wife giving birth and I fully agree. But for the sake of a literary comparison, let’s just say that there are some similarities.

The point is that writing a novel is an emotional experience. It sucks life from the deepest part of you that you then inject into characters, bringing them to life with mannerisms, quirks, idioms, tics, and more. Each character has to be real. The reader has to believe they are real. It is not enough to just name them, describe them. They have to have a past life, a history, complete with pain—we all experience pain, and learn from it.

As for the birthing analogy, I’m just thankful that I do not have to endure labor and…that kind of delivery.