How Many Classic Novels Have YOU Read? Want To Read Them FREE?

I picked these up at a yard sale. 76 books that are classics. When I was a boy these were the books that I read, improved my reading speed, taught me to read fluently enough that the book became a mental movie—a skill that is no longer taught in this age of bite-sized bits and immediate gratification.

How many of these books have YOU read? Or which have you not read?

I won’t launch into a diatribe about the state of education, or what passes as a novel these days. I will, however, point out that so many of today’s film and novel plots derived from some of these books. Classic hero stories, struggle to survive, reflections of a time now long past.

And you never saw a sequel. Ever. Back then the quality of a story left you wanting more. That is how it is supposed to be. You appreciate the work because it is finite, not overly produced to milk cash out of your wallet, each one becoming simpler in plot, relying on effects, gore, language or other cheap theatrics to keep you engaged.

You do not eat until you are gorged. Same logic. Life without limitations basically dilutes the value of life. Wanting and having. Wanting and needing. Two different concepts. And you do hear the phrase used in sales jobs that you “have to be hungry for this.”

These shorter, simpler stories are great to revisit. I encourage you to do so. And thanks to the modern digital age, you CAN read them for FREE.

Click HERE for links to sites that allow you to download classics. Thank me later.